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ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-07-10 (23:01) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Race results ONK Assen (nice weather,dry,sunny 22 degrees)

1. Raymond Schouten 16.09,6
2. Hans Smees + 1.4
3. Randy Gevers + 13.3
4. Jan Roelofs + 13.9
5. Ronald Beitler + 14.1
6. Bram Appelo + 19.4
7. Martin Johannessen + 40.9
16 competetors

Supersport 600cc
1. Barry Veneman 24.27.3
2. Arie Vos + 0.3
3. Kai Bore Andersen + 11.3
4. Joan Veijer + 12.4
5. Jarno v/d Marel + 29.3

Hälsningar från Finland | Ron Liljendal 2006-07-05 (09:11) ron.liljendal@pp.inet.fi
Till ett fint race i Assen!
Bra hemsidor. Ha en varm och trevlig sommar.
Blir det något race i Finland eller Sverige 2006?

H: Roni

Assen 2006 | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-06-28 (23:09) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

On the website www.motografie.nl (galerij,TT2006) you can see some beautiful pictures from the Dutch TT 2006 taken by Mariska. Very nice to watch!



Hans Smees shall not take part EC Most (9 july),Hans is not able to become champion and he will be on the starting grid ONK 250cc at 9 july Assen.

Grattis från Norrköping!! | Mikael Olsson 2006-06-26 (23:10) mikael.olsson@bjmo.com
Grattis Fredde med Team!
Kul att läsa om att snurra åt rätt håll för er!

Kör så det ryker!

PS behöver ni någon dator i spons är det bara att maila, så får vi se vad jag har!! DS

Assen | Peter Bonivart 2006-06-26 (09:52)
Grattis Fredde! Ställ upp i BoTT:en 2:a juli nu med Millen! :-)

Thank you Henk-Jan for all the detailed reports.

Assen | Torkel Börjeson 2006-06-26 (09:40) http://www.tracktimer.com
Grattis till grym körning på Assen, nästa år är det i VM och då ska jag vara där!

assen | ola 2006-06-25 (12:16)
grattis fredde óch teamet glömde detta í min frustration kämpa på !

assen | ola 2006-06-25 (11:58)
Thank you ! Henk-Jan Laning for the race report! We(all drivers) put money to our federations and i think they put a lot of money to FIM.We heve a fantastic web site in uem-online but i think they are celebrate this wekend in traditional swedish style with some herrings and alot of beer and vodka.But in sweden we do this just this weekend,not 365days!! its tim waste towatch uem online.now we shal´l look at stiggy and harms in ss live and i keep my fingers to arie vos also.take care race fans.ola

Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-06-24 (22:55) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

After a good shower its time to tell something about the racing day Assen.

It is a tradition for many years that on raceday we walk to the track and watch the camping places
at the neighbourhood. The walk takes 4 kilometers but it is not a borring walk. I must say that there
where many people sleeping at the grass and the most of them looked as they just had a appointed whith the "hammerman". The time was 8:00hour and some guys where drinking beer already.......

I missed the warmup of Fredrik due to this reason,but his was fastest again.
The bike was ready and the watz team now has to wait for many hours,race time was switched to
16:45hour. Waiting and take a look at the GP races is not a bad solution and also no complaining about the whether,much sun and 25 degrees.

At 16:30hour then the starting process started EC 250cc. Is it possible that Fredik take victory?.
The lights turned out and with a temperature off 23 degrees it was finding a good place for the first corner. After the first lap Fredrik was fourth,behind Molina,Smees and Jenkner.
Fredrik passed Jenkner,Smees and Molina and after 5 laps he was FIRST!.

He took a gap whith Molina and Smees for 1,5 seconds and he wants to push because a gap was
needed to backoff the speeding aprilia's.
Fredrik don't get away off Molina,Smees and has to work so to hard because the temperature of the motor was rising and Fredrik lose some power.

Molina closed the gap and took over leading. Fredrik was losing contact and hoped that Hans
overtake so toghether they can close the little gap and have some nice fightings.
Hans was not able due to tyre problems,so Fredrik try it "alone".
The last lap was coming soon and Fredrik had some slides and the "fucking power" (sorry for
this words!) was missing.

So Fredrik was second at the end.....he was dissapointed because the bike was not so good as
yesterday....but this is racing and there is only one place for the number one.......
After a short time he was satisfeid and many other riders give him a congratulations...many
where impressed about Fredrik (don't forget....the watz team is not so big as some other teams!)
so they all know now who is Fredrik Watz.

A little sit at the watz team and then it was time to say goodbye, and thank you for nice days
racing. Lets hope the way back home is a safe drive for the Watz team!.

Result 250cce EC:
1. Molina 31.56,5
3. Smees + 1,3
4. Jenkner + 16,1
5. Cajback + 18,9
6. Walther + 19,3
7. Polzer + 34,0
8. Filla + 34,6
9. Binucci + 37,2
10.Beitler + 40,9
11.Martensson + 41,4
12.Menghi + 41,8
13.Minnerop + 43,6
14.Kristianse + 1.09,6
15.Gardner + 1.11,7

18.Persson + 1.24,2
Other swedish drivers DNF.

I hope the story was not to long,have nice (midsummer) weekend!

Sorry | David 2006-06-24 (13:08) david.blomgren@koneo
Im so sorry i didnt refer to Fredrik as a stressfull man. He is cool and freindly i did talk to Fredrik last night and he told me they where missing and had difficultis to find new Pistons. And i wrote that becase You never know ho is reading this and have conetions. But Fredrik is defenitly the fastest Swed and we all whant him to secure a main sponsor or a god team ride for next year.

Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-06-23 (22:37) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

I don't think Fredrik is desperate to find new pistons......he is not a stress guy so don't get to upset whith that.....off course he wants new pistons, and he is searching to finds some.

My reports starts this evening. When I was leaving the track to go home it was a fantastic ride home.
I life near to the borderline of germany and some hundreds of motorriders where going to assen.
The whole roadway there where standing people to watch the "invasion of assen".
I put my window of the car open to enjoy the music of the bikes........

At assen there is a great party at the camping places,music and have much fun this evening.
I like it a lot,but this will stay on all night long,so sleeping and be fit for watching the races is a big
problem for many viewers tomorrow. So I sit behind the computer whith a can beer and will be fit to
see the races.

When practice started the whether was almost perfect,dry,no wind and 20 degrees.
Fredrik was fastest very soon,but the times where slower as yesterday so Fredrik was still third.
Fredrik drove very agressiv,so nice to see......he came in whith nine minutes practice left.

He started whith 1.45,6 so he was second...the next lap was 1.44,7 and POLE POSITION!.
He could have been a little bit faster this lap but there was traffic at the last corner.
Not only pole for Fredrik,this practice there was none of the other riders come close to his time.

When I got back at the paddock he was already checking the bike......perfect pole Fredrik I told
him...his answer.."Yeh not to bad,but I need more power"..I don't have to say more I guess....

Tomorrow the warmup starts at 8:00hour (no kiding!) and at 15:30hour the race starts.
Let cross our fingers for a good race/result!

See you tomorrow evening....enjoy midsummer in sweden.

Starting grid 250cc EC:
1. FREDRIK WATZ 1.44,785
2. Molina 1.45,28
3. Jenkner 1.45,85
4. Smees 1.45,89
5. Aggerholm 1.45,96
6. Polzer 1.46,06
7. Cajback 1.46,36
8. Filla 1.46,40
9. Martensson 1.46,62
10.Walther 1.46,68
14.Milovanovic 1.47,54
21.Dobrich 1.48,99
25.Persson 1.49,84
26.Hakansson 1.50,10
31.Ohlsson 1.51,09

pole for Fredrik | david 2006-06-23 (20:43) david.blomgren@koneo.se
Pole med en sekunds marginal till tvåan
Pole for Fredrik whit a god marginal. But he is out off pistons. He is destperatly serching for new ones in te paddok.

Assen | Gustav 2006-06-23 (09:52)
Thanks for the brief update Henk-Jan!

Assen | Henk-Jan 2006-06-22 (23:09) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail@com
Hello racefans,

After a long day grand prix practice finally at 16:15hour it was time for the first free practice 250EC.
Its was dry but windy. Fredrik finished third and was quit satisfeid whith the bike. He was not amused
about the new north track section. "They damaged the track and the old section was much more fun to
race". At 18:45hour was the first time practice. Fredrik ride very well,it was nice to see him fighting whith
the bike and enjoying being on the track. Fredrik at the end was third. His reaction: "due to circumstances I don't have enough race miles at the moment,just give me more laps and I will be faster and faster!". The bike was going well and there where no technical problems.

The practice result:
1. Molina 1.45,2
2. Smees 1.45,8
3. Fredrik 1.45,8
4. Aggerholm 1.46,6
5. Polzer 1.46,8
6. Cajback 1.46,8
7. Jenkner 1.47,0
8. Walther 1.47,1
9. Lawrence 1.47,3
10.Binucci 1.47,5

Tomorrow it will be a dry day (the whether people promised) and Fredrik will be on the track at 16:15hour for the final practice.

See you tomorrow!

inside info... | Gustav 2006-06-22 (08:26)
Henk-Jan. ---> Thanks for your first hand updates from various events and from Fredriks riding today. Appreciated!

best regards Gustav

Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-06-21 (20:30) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

I just got home from visit Watz racing at the paddock Assen.
They arrived this afternoon,after a litlle delay due to bus problems.
Assen is preparing for the races,in the neighbourhood many tents find there
place and the spectatators are enjoying staying at assen.
Today there was sometimes rain,the whether forecast?
Tomorrow there could be some rain,but also much time dry,20 degrees.
Friday and Saturday looks good the temperatures will rise to 23 degrees,so
rain got no chance (I hope).
It was to nice to watch that the technical inspectors regonized Fredrik and
where happy that he was back at Assen.
After a long journey it will be sleeping time early for the Watz team tonight
I guess. Tomorrow evening I will give you the first practice day impression.

See you and greetings!

Höra av mig | Henke 2006-06-20 (14:50) henric.lindstrom@solar.se
Hej på er! Jag är ute och surfa lite och kom och tänka på er! så jag vill bara vilja önska lycka till med resterande race!! Henke (T.Palander`s mek)

Assen | Gustav O 2006-06-20 (12:32)
Lycka till på Assen nu till helgen! Jag kommer hålla alla tumamr osm jag har.

mvh Gustav

ONK/EC | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-06-18 (22:40) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Results ONK Oschersleben;

250cc first race 250cc second race
1. Schouten 1. Roelofs
2. Gevers + 7 2. Gevers + 0.6
3. Beitler + 32 3. Schouten + 1.2
4. Postmus + 36 4. Velthuizen + 15.8
5. Götti + 39 5. Appelo + 16.1
DNF Roelofs,Appelo

EC Reijka
1. Molina
2. Cajback + 0.2
3. Jenkner + 8.7
4. Filla + 9.0
5. Menghi + 9.4

Race was in two parts,Hans Smees had a lot of pain in his back due to crash
Eemshaven (28/5). Hans teammanager Jaap Kingma is looking forward to see
Watz racing at Assen!.


Fredrik då! | Sofie Watz 2006-06-16 (11:08)
HEJ vänner å bekanta!
Fredrik du lovade mig en tur på din hoj, men så hörde jag ryktes vägen att du kört sönder skiten... LAGA å ring mig...

HA det bra i hettan! Kramar Sofie