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| JAN 2007-07-28 (00:42) wiche084@planet.nl
Good job !!!!!!!!!!

EC Karlskoga | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-07-27 (21:21) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Today free practice at Karlskoga. This morning Hans Smees was fastest when it was raining.
After the second free practice fastest men on the track?....FREDRIK WATZ!

1. FREDRIK WATZ 1.08.5
2. Toby Markham 1.08.6
3. Hans Smees 1.09.3
4. Robert Dobrich 1.09.3
5. Thomas Walther 1.09.7

21 competetors (10 from sweden)

Alvaro Molina did not take part second session,don't know why,maybe due to his crash this morning?

Saturday practice starting grid postions.......

ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-07-15 (22:36) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Blue sky,much sun,going to a race circuit....is there more to wish?

The bike and Fredrik where looking forward warmup.....maybe
warmup is not the right word....3 laps and time is over.

Fredrik looks not so satisfeid...anyway...just 3 laps and the same time
as yesterday after 20 laps practice.

Yesterday there was spoken a lot about the 125c and 250cc racing together.
There were some dangerous situations...speed difference and 40 riders
means extra concentration.
The board made a good choice,125cc race 10 laps and 250cc race 10 laps.

The bike needed little changes and Fredrik got time to talk with riders
passing by. Hans Smees looked very interested at the Honda.....bike change
before racestart????

Watching a great 125cc the sky was not so blue anymore...and after 7 laps
Women´s championship race,the ladies got red flag due to rain.
Not heavy..but enough for stopping.
I was standing beside the pitbox italian ducati team (3 riders).

Italian can be very upset (telling something new?)...many mechanics,
a busy teammanager and nobody knows what tyre to put on...just use
your imagination for the pictures.

All this delay means waiting for the 250cc riders at the `parc ferme`.
The rain did not impressed Fredrik....

Starting the sighting lap...still a cloudy sky and little rain drops...

Standing on the second row Fredrik made a good start but after
two laps he was going backward instead of forward.

Fredrik got problems at the north trackside with the front..so
he decided to change his body position on the bike.

The feeling was better now and Fredrik was able to real racing.
His was fighting his way trough the field and the Honda was
also enjoying the party.
Nice `battle` with Lars Kristiansen means at the end 5 place!

Race result
1. Hans Smees (leading start/finish)
2. Ronald Beitler 14,3 seconds behind
3. Randy Gevers 16,5 sec.
4. Mike Velthuizen 16,7 sec.
5. FREDRIK WATZ 29,2 sec.
6. Lars Kristiansen 29,4 sec.
7. Erwin Postmus 39,3 sec.
8. Mark Bezemer 39,5 sec.
9. David Drieghe 39,9 sec.
10.Frank Bakker 44,9 sec.
Persson DNF

The best result ever racing team noord nederland!
When you got this results racing is really nice,fun!

At the VIP box the people where very impressed about
Fredrik...to be honest I was proud to....

Fredrik got a deserved cold beer,and after a little chat
it was time for saying goodbye.
Thanks Fredrik for the nice days and I hope for a safe
journey backhome!

onk assen | jan wichertjes 2007-07-15 (21:26) wiche084@planet.nl
Thank you for the good job you did this weekend and thanks for keeping your promise about the mailbox !!!!!! It was great to work whit you and you did a good job for us whit the bike .
We all hope to see you back in september and then we will give you a better suspension and i will be there also on sunday.
Thanks and see you , Jan.
P.S. good luck this weekend in the E.K.

ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-07-14 (19:56) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Practice day Assen is over.....so time to share impressions.

The weather was nice..23 degrees..but windy...no complaining
after two weeks rain!.

When I arrived Fredrik was just preparing for the first practice.
New bike...25 minutes practice..what to expect?

When a 125cc bike is passing you...there is a lot of work to do
(saying it nice).

Fredrik was smiling after the first practice...it was fun to be back on
Assen..and no complaining about the bike,lets got the work started!.

result first practice
1. Hans Smees 1.46,4
2. Ronald Beitler 1.48.3
3. Erwin Postmus 1.50.3
4. Uffe Christenson 1.51.0
5. Jan Roelofs 1.51.3
6. FREDRIK 1.52.0
9. Daniel Persson 1.54.8

18 competetors 250cc,riding together with 20 125cc riders.

The suspension was not working at all and Fredrik talked a long
time with öhlins about changes.
Willy and his people where working on the bike....they try to follow
all the whishes Fredrik...to be honest...they where pleased to work
with a rider like Fredrik......as I told before...no complaining..lets make
things better!.

Hans Smees was visiting for a little chat and also other dutch riders took
a look at the pitbox. A visit to the Danish Team...and than its time for the
second practice.

Almost two seconds quicker.....but the time to get a "perfect" bike (the bike
is never perfect,always faster,faster,faster..means new/other problems) is to short.

This weekend is perfect for testing and take the Honda at a higher level....not more
said Fredrik....when more?...sitting on my own Yamaha!

Practice result

1. Hans Smees 1.46.4
2. Randy Gevers 1.47.4
3. Ronald Beitler 1.47.4
4. Jan Roelofs 1.49.4
5. Erwin Postmus 1.49.4
6. David Drieghe 1.49.6
7. Mike Velthuizen 1.49.9
8. FREDRIK WATZ 1.50.3
9. Lars Kristiansen 1.50.9
10.Uffe Christenson 1.51.0
16.Daniel Persson 1.54.8 (not riding second practice)

When I was leaving the circuit the Honda was stripped,
arriving tomorrow.....there will stand a yellow/blue (swedish?)
bike that is waiting for a new ride.

Warmup starts 11:00....and green light at 12:55 for 12 laps.


EC Most | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-07-08 (21:12) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Sunday race results EC Most:

1. Alvaro Molina 30.29.1
2. Marco Petrini + 3.9
3. Joshua Sommer + 12.5
4. Hans Smees + 27.0
5. Omar Menghi + 37.0
6. Toby Markham + 37.2
7. Randy Gevers + 57.2
8. Mike Velthuizen + 1.11.4
9. Oli Kohlinger + 1.12.1
10.Luke Lawrence + 1.16.3

Supersport 600cc
1. Rous 35.44.4
2. Marrancone + 0.3
3. Filla + 6.3
7. Cajback + 31.7

Weather forecast assen coming week...Friday 23,Saturday 28 and Sunday 30 degrees!

EC Most | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-07-07 (22:16) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Saturday Practice results EC Most:

1. Alvaro Molina 1.40.9
2. Joshua Sommer 1.41.3
3. Hans Smees 1.41.5
4. Marco Petrini 1.41.6
5. Thomas Walther 1.41.6
6. Omar Menghi 1.42.0
7. Randy Gevers 1.42.6
8. Mike Velthuizen 1.43.4
9. Toby Markham 1.43.7
10.Oli Kohlinger 1.44.3

Supersport 600c
1. Rous 1.40.3
2. Marrancone 1.40.5
3. Guigovaz 1.40.8
4. Filla 1.41.1
8. Cajback 1.42.2

EC Most | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-07-06 (22:23) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Friday free practice results EC Most:

1. Alvaro Molina 1.41.6
2. Hans Smees 1.43.3
3. Omar Menghi 1.43.8
4. Thomas Walther 1.44.2
5. Marco Petrini 1.44.4
6. Toby Markham 1.45.3
7. Mike Velthuizen 1.45.3
8. Juri Mayer 1.46.2
9. Joshua Sommer 1.46.3 (just 2 laps)
10.Luke Lawrence 1.46.3
25 competetors

Supersport 600cc
1. Giugovaz 1.41.3
2. Marrancone 1.41.5
3. Rous 1.42.1
7. Filla
18 competetors

EC Reijka | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-06-17 (21:39) http://Oude pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Race result 250cc EC Reijka

1. Alvaro Molina
2. Omar Menghi
3. Hans Smees
4. Marco Petrini
5. Thomas Walther
6. Toby Markham
7. Marino Pavone
8. Oliver Kohlinger
9. Emanuele Orlandini
10. Roger Heierli

Joshua Sommer practice place 3...DNF?

IDM/ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-06-03 (00:03) http://Oude pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Summer weather at Assen. Today the first races.

IDM Superbike
1. Bauer
2. Stamm + 10.1
3. Teuchert + 11.1 (beautiful MV Agusta)
4. Daemen + 12.4
5. Meklau + 13.7

Two times red flag...first time crash Stamm (oil),second crash
two riders. Andersen problems (first) warmup lap.
Neukirchner worked on his bike 3 minutes before start...so was taken
off the starting grid (his head was very low.......)

ONK Superbike
1. Veneman
2. Bauer + 3.1
3. Vos + 5.1
4. Johnson + 42.8
5. v.Steenbergen + 44.4

Great race Veneman,Bauer,Vos...the last five laps Barry
pushed very hard and took victory. Bob Withag tried to follow
the three leaders but crashed.

ONK Supersport 600cc
1. Arie Vos
2. Joan Veijer + 6.5
3. Ghisbert van Ghinhoven + 19.7
4. Swen Ahnendorp + 22.4
5. Patrick Lakerveld + 27.7
9. Nicklas Cajback + 58.1

Vos/Veijer where at the same level...but Arie was quicker
lapping backmarkers. Cajback ???..I was not impressed...

Practice results

1. Blake Leigh-Smith 1.48.5
2. Georg Fröhlich 1.49.0
3. Robin Lässer 1.49.1
4. Marvin Fritz 1.49.3
5. Marcel Schrötter 1.49.7

Tomorrow again raceday at Assen...24 degrees....


IDM/ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-06-01 (21:07) http://Oude pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Today perfect weather first practice day IDM/ONK (sun,less wind,22 degrees).
Weather forecast looks good..much sun and 24 degrees.


Dutch ONK Superbike
1. Arie Vos 1.42.1
2. Martin Bauer 1.42.7
3. Barry Veneman 1.43.1
4. David Johnson 1.43.8
5. Ronald ter Braake 1.43.8
6. Bob Withag 1.44.2

IDM Superbike
1. Max Neukirchner 1.42.1
2. Martin Bauer 1.42.3
3. Werner Daemen 1.42.6
4. Lammert 1.42.7
5. Michael Schulten 1.428
6. Kai Borre Anderson 1.42.8

ONK Supersport 600c
1. Arie Vos 1.43.9
2. Swen Ahnendorp 1.44.8
3. Joan Veijer 1.44.9
4. Ghisbert van Ginhoven 1.45.0
5. Patrick Lakerveld 1.45.7
8. Nicklas Cajback 1.47.1

IDM Supersport 600c
1. Ivanov 1.45.0
2. Ahnendorp 1.45.7
3. Diss 1.45.7
4. Penzkofer 1.45.7
5. Knobloch 1.45.8

IDM 125cc
1. Fröhlich 1.49.0
2. Lässer 1.49.1
3. Schrötter 1.49.7
4. Fritz 1.49.8
5. Györfi 1.50.1

At the circuit hard work to get everything right TT end of June.
First corner straight end there is standing a new grandstand.

On www.jaapkingmaracing.nl you can see race movie Oss 250cc
(date 01/06 click HIER) 22 minutes.


Ville bara säga... | marko rintanen 2007-06-01 (10:21) markorider@hotmail.com
att du är grym Fredde.Lycka till nu säsongen -07 och hoppas det löser sig ekonomiskt för dig..

M.v.h Marko

Tjingeling | Sofie Watz 2007-05-31 (14:08)
Hej vänner släktingar å bekanta!!

Nu vet jag vart min nästa resa går. Den kommer bli till daytona. Fna vad fint det verkar där. Verkar även som ni hade det kul där.
Tack för en trevlig men överlägsen helg på sviestad.

Kramar Kusse Sofie Watz

ONK Oss | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-05-28 (20:44) http://Oude pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Race results ONK Oss

250cc (track dry)
1. Randy Gevers
2. Hans Smees + 1.0
3. Mike Velthuizen + 4.9
4. David Drieghe + 6.0
5. Jan Frank Bakker + 56.2

After the first lap Randy was leading Hans and Jan Roelofs.
Roelofs crashed...red flag and Jan was taken to hospital. He
has broken his left upperarm....not such good news...
Recovery will take a while...no wild card dutch TT BenJan team.

The race started "new",good battle first place Randy/Hans,also
third place fighting Mike/David very nice.

125cc (track wet)
1. Joop Timmer
2. Mark van Kreij + 14.6
3. Roy Pouw + 31.8
4. Ferry Stoffer + 45.0
5. Henk de Ruiter + 51.2

Timmer leading start/finish. Practice fastest vd mark and verhoef crashed

Supersport 600cc (track wet/dry)
1. Arie Vos
2. Joan Veijer + 10.0
3. Henk vd Lagemaat + 55.9
4. Henri van Geresteyn + 1.18.6
5. Peter Schalken + 1.29.8

Veijer was able to follow Arie a while,but Oss means extra motivation
Arie.... Patrick Lakerveld bike troubles DNF (p4).

Superbike (track dry...rain started little..but after a while more...race stopped)
1. Arie Vos
2. Ron van Steenbergen + 8.4
3. Bob Withag + 8.8
4. Paul Mooyman + 9.0
5. Allard Kerkhoven + 32.2

Next weekend ONK/IDM races at Assen (no 125cc/250cc).
Practice starts friday...


Linköping/Oss | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-05-27 (21:54) http://Oude pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

First congratulations to Fredrik/Linda/Watz team....two times winner Linköping!!

Today practice ONK Oss. The weather forecast was not so good,but after a wet
track in the morning....a dry session afternoon.

Difference this year Oss....riding the other way!...why this change?....
the spectators view is better with three grandstand.

Practice results:

1. Randy Gevers 1.38,1
2. Jan Roelofs 1.38,2
3. Hans Smees 1.38,3
4. Mike Velthuizen1.38,7
5. David Drieghe 1.40,8
13 competetors

Supersport 600cc
1. Arie Vos 1.35,1 (home race Arie,he is living at Oss)
2. Joan Veijer 1.36,8
3. Henk vd lagemaat 1.37,0
4. Patrick lakerveld 1.37,7
5. Rik Lenters 1.38,1
16 competetors

1. Arie Vos 1.33,7
2. Bob Withag 1.34,5
3. Paul Mooyman1.34,7
4. Ron v.Steenbergen 1.34,8
5. Sepp Vermonden 1.34,8
27 competetors

1. Michael vd Mark 1.44,1
2. Rob Verhoef 1.45,0
3. Ferry Stoffer 1.45,2
4. Joop Timmer 1.46,3
5. Roy Pouw 1.46,7

Monday raceday!


EC Vallelunga | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-05-20 (22:44) http://Oude pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Race result EC Vallelunga 250cc
1. Alvaro Molina (aprilia)
2. Marco Petrini (honda)
3. Hans Smees (aprilia)
4. Roberto Marchetti (aprilia)
5. Toby Markham (yamaha)
6. Jan Roelofs (honda)
7. Andrew Sawford (yamaha)
8. Oliver Kohlinger (honda)
9. Emanuele Orlandini (yamaha)
10.Alex Kenchington (yamaha)
11.M.Pavone (aprilia)
12.Patrizio Binucci (honda)
13.Giacomo Lucceti (yamaha)
14.Roger Heierli (honda)
15.V.Anghetti (yamaha)

Sorry...for saying menghi was second..


ONK Eemshaven | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-05-20 (22:00) http://Oude pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

A lot of racing today...GP France,EC Vallelunga,IDM and ONK Eemshaven.

Today perfect weather for a visit Eemshaven.
Sun,22 degrees...but don't get to "naked"...Eemshaven is the northest
part Holland and a harbour...always windy at the seacoast.

9 competetors...after the first lap there were 7 and 3 laps later 5.....
this is not amusing. Randy Gevers took profit of his fast Aprilia (eemshaven
"stop&go circuit"),Mike Velthuizen was pushing,but his Honda was not
fast enough. Third place Belgian driver David Drieghe.

Supersport 600cc
12 competetors. Arie Vos was leading the whole race. Second place Joan Veijer
don't like Eemshaven (to dangerous) and was satisfeid with second place (16sec.
behind Arie).
Third place nice fighting Patrick Lakerveld and Henk vd Lagemaat.

Most riders this four days racing event (24).
Pole sitter Bob Withag crashed the first corner,due chosen first gear in stead
off second. Arie Vos again to strong and won the race with a 8 second gap
Paul Mooyman. Third place Robert de Vries (son former 500cc GP Henk de Vries).

It is difficult...the organisation did a perfect job at Eemshaven,but the circuit is almost
the same as 15 years ago..the bikes get faster and faster...

Next round ONK...coming weekend Oss (again street circuit)

EC Vallelunga
1. Alvaro Molina
2. Omar Menghi
3. Hans Smees
6. Jan Roelofs

Joshua Sommer crashed 3 laps before finish,he was third at the moment.
Hans Smees was not satisfied,he got problems with the new suspension...
and got a lot of work to do.

oink oink | råbacka brutus hofors 2007-05-18 (16:18)
vad härligt att få se lite gubb race då i slutet på maj.
fan cluben från hofors kommer ner och bjuder på färsk potatis från assen
om så önskas
Svar: Självklart räknar vi med att hela det galna gänget från skogarna kommer ner till lite mer civiliserade trakter då bygdens enda roadracing stjärna ska göra entré på banan igen. Ni är såklart grymt välkomna....

ONK Eemshaven | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-05-17 (22:02) http://Oude pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Today first day racing Eemshaven. No rain...little bit sun,good race weather.

Practice 250cc
1. Randy Gevers 1.37.0
2. Mike Velthuizen 1.37.2
3. Ronald Beitler 1.39.0
4. David Drieghe (bel) 1.39.2
5. Richard Buchly 1.40.3

Not starting Hans Smees (arrived well Vallelunga),Jan Roelofs and more...
just 10 competetors...

Race result 250cc
1. Randy Gevers
2. Mike Velthuizen + 3.5
3. David Drieghe (bel) + 4.6
4. Richard Buchly + 18.6
5. Frank Bakker + 30.0
Ronald Beitler DNF

Saturday practice day and Sunday next round/race 250cc.

Race result 125cc
1. Ferry Stoffer
2. Joop Timmer + 15.3
3. Roy Pouw + 26.0
4. Michael vd Mark + 34.7
5. Henk de Ruiter + 57.0

16 competetors..sunday no 125cc race..many riders no heading to IDM weekend.

Sunday evening more info about my visit Eemshaven...the weather forecast looks good...


ONK Eemshaven | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-05-15 (22:31) http://Oude pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Thursday there will be the next round ONK 250cc at Eemshaven.
Two practice sessions and race at one day....

Don't know yet how many riders are racing at the north part of Holland,
(for sure Hans Smees is riding Vallelunga),many riders don't like
street circuits....

Thursday evening more news about the first raceday Eemshaven!
Weather forecast?...65% rain possibility and 14 degrees.

www.jaapkingmaracing.nl beautiful race movie Hengelo (51 minutes),
click on ....Films