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Movies | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-06-01 (22:48) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Jaap Kingma (teammanager Hans Smees) has put some great movies on his website
racedays Hengelo and Eemshaven.
You can see Nicola at Hengelo trying a short way grass racing......that was the reason
Nic losing some places.
Have fun on www.jaapkingmaracing.nl.

Wildcards TT Assen 250cc: Bram Appelo,Raymond Schouten,Randy Gevers (Hans Smees
will take part EC 250cc)

Greetings from a cold Holland.

faan va bra | Gstaf Norman 2006-06-01 (11:06) http://www.hsmab.com susuki_man_92@hotmail.com
bra kört på sviestad i helgen.....

Eemshaven | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-05-28 (21:27) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Result ONK 250cc Eemshaven (dry,but very windy,15 degrees):
1. Jan Roelofs
2. Randy Gevers
3. Nicola Milovanovic
4. Mike Velthuizen
5. Raymond Schouten
6. Ronald beitler
7. Bram Appelo

Hans Smees was first but made a brake error,after that Hans was 6...
he forced to much and crashed out. Hans ok.
Next week races at Oss for ONK.

Seger. | Gustav 2006-05-28 (19:38)
Grattis till segern! Skönt med lite racing och inte bara garagearbete åt konkurrenterna. :-)

Eemshaven | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-05-27 (19:25) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Saturday practice results Eemshaven 250cc (dry,cloudy 15 degrees):

1. Hans Smees 1.34,9
2. Raymond Schouten 1.35,5
3. Randy Gevers 1.35,5
4. Jan Roelofs 1.35,5
5. Nicola Milovanovic 1.35,8
6. Mike Velthuizen 1.36,4
7. Bram Appelo 1.36,6

Eemshaven | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-05-25 (22:09) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Today was the first race at Eemshaven ONK 250cc. Only 14 riders where on the
track. First practice was wet,second dry but windy.
Hans Smees got pole,but his gearbox got problems at the end of practice.
Eemshaven circuit got a hairpin and this is not so good for Aprilia machines.
Hans got spare parts from Randy Gevers so he was able to race.
Hans won the race 6 seconds before the battling duo Randy Gevers and Jan
Roelofs. Raymond Schouten came in fourth and Nic Milovanovic fifth.
Saturday is practice day again and sunday there will be the next round.

Hengelo | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-05-23 (13:25) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

On www.jaapkingmaracing.nl you can see a movie Hengelo 250cc race (40 minutes).
This weekend there will be the next races ONK at Eemshaven. Eemshaven is a harbour near
to the city of Delfzijl. The whether forecast is not so good for the coming days...rain/windy...so
rain clothing is going with me to Eemshaven on sunday.

Wobbel | Torkel 2006-05-01 (19:06) http://www.tracktimer.com
Jag tyckte väl att rejsbusen wobblade våldsamt när ni blåste om mig och Polaren! Fan vad kul det är med racing fast det går åt h-e! :D
Svar: Då skulle Du sett wobblet när vi försökte få stopp på eländet :-)

Tjena racerförare | Johnny Rotvikh 2006-04-29 (22:01) http://www.no17.tk magnusfransson@hotmail.com
Hej watz-racing.Jag håller tummarna för Fredrik på Anderstorp och hoppas att du vinner!
Hälsningar från Johnny i Fransson-gänget.
Hoppas vi ses i Karlskoga.

Photos | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-04-21 (22:21) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello GG,

On the website www.motografie.nl (enter side,link gallerij) you can see perfect pictures EC
125cc,WCE,600cc Assen......great work from Mariska!.
Names comparing to the numbers?...let me know so I can inform you.

Pictures Nurburgring?.....www.jaapkingmaracing.nl
Just scroll around...,names?...5.Appelo,16.Schouten,4.Roelofs,1.Smees,2.Gevers.

Data 18-04..option Klik hier (blue letters) means video crash Randy Gevers/Jan Roelofs.
Randy has a broken collarbone.The yellow bike on third place is Nicola.
You can see many pictures/videos on this side.....have fun watching the side from
Jaap Kingma/Hans Smees!


Hello Henk-Jan | GG 2006-04-21 (17:54)
Thanks for the infos! Do you know some homepage with photos from Nurburgring?

ONK 250cc | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-04-17 (22:40) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Nicola Milovanovic was riding in Germany for the dutch BenJan team.
Last year Patrick Lakerveld was riding for this team.
Ghisbert van Ghinhoven should be the rider for BenJan but he broke
his pulse during a practice at spain. Nic took 4 and 2 place.
Little update about the 125EC race assen.
Both KTM youngsters (Lasser,Krummenacher) had a bad start and the race
for them started when the other riders where past away for 20seconds.
Igor Kalab (winner Vallelunga) made two brake mistakes.
It was a pleasure to see young guys vd Berg,Frohlich and Eitzinger battle
for victory.

EC Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-04-17 (21:58) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

It was a windy/sunny day at Assen,the performance of the dutch riders
was perfect!. Hugo v/d Berg (125) and Arie Vos (600) took victory.
You can see all results (also the 2 races ONK 250cc) on www.racesport.nl

Greetings and take care!

ONK 250cc | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-04-16 (21:59) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Practice results Nurburgring 250cc ONK,whether cold and windy.

1. Smees 1.35,3
2. Roelofs 1.36,1
3. Minnerop 1.36,4
4. Gevers 1.36,4
5. Schouten 1.36,6
8. Milovanovic 1.39,6


EC Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-04-15 (22:54) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Practice results Assen EC,sunny whether 15 degrees.

EC 125cc
1. Frohlich 1.49,1
2. Krummenacher 1.49,5
3. v/d Berg 1.49,6
4. Eitzinger 1.49,8
5. Lasser 1.50,0
6. Kalab 1.50,2
7. Aegerter 1.50,4
8. Kok 1.50,5
9. Gyorfi 1.50,6
10.Lacalendola 1.50,8

EC 600cc
1. Vos 1.45,2
2. Kallio 1.45,8
3. Guigovaz 1.46,1
4. Aldoma 1.46,5
5. Veijer 1.46,5

Endurance 500km
1. Castrol Suzuki- Philippe 1.42,7
2. Alpha Team- Schulten 1.43,3
3. Yamaha Austria- Jerman 1.44,5
7. Hansson/Anderson/Carlberg 1.45,9

Races are Monday,Sunday practice ONK 250cc Nurburgring (germany)

Greetings and Glad Pask!

Gla påsk | Sofie Watz 2006-04-14 (20:24) sofie_geniet@hotmail.com
Tja Kussar!

Skulle bara önska er Glad Påsk. Efter som påsk middan hos farmor redan är avklarad så ses vi ju inte denna påsk. Ha det bra! (ta det lugnt med äggen fredde, man får gaser i magen av det) :)

Kramar Sofie

Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-04-10 (23:12) http://O hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

(free) practice results Assen

1. Smees 1.48,2
2. Roelofs
3. Gevers
4. Schouten
5. Appelo

Arie Vos (600cc) 1.46,3

The new Strubben corner is very difficult,the north part
of the circuit is complete different.....this weekend the 125cc
and 600cc are riding for the EC.

Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-04-07 (22:40) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello race fans,

At Assen today was the first (free) practice day on the new circuit.
Many riders like the new track,its very technical.
Saturday and sunday there will be more practice days.
Fastest lap time 1.45
See pictures?...www.tt-assen.com link press-pers pictures March 2006


Smiling way of life | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-04-02 (21:49) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello Linda and all other team members,

I just wrote that you had a break in at your company (english version...swedish
is for me difficult to follow as you know). I hope that the damage can be fixed.
Keep your head up,don't let any idiots disturb your smiling way of life......
Greetings and take care!!

EM Vallelunga result | Henk-Jan Laning 2006-04-02 (21:31) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Results EM Vallelunga

1. Linfoot
2. Cajback
3. Polzer

Red flag 6 laps before end,due to crash Polzer. Molina out of the race engine problems.
Smees problems in the sighting lap,after a pitstop 11.

1. Kalab
2. Lasser

1. Cruiciani
2. Guigovaz
3. Vos