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TT Assen Sunday | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-29 (15:43) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
After unpacking and showing face, social talking to my family/friends its time for some words at the guestbook.

I'm so proud...don't know exactly what to say...the last week was so great...

Jaap/Linda informed you all perfect what happened at the track/paddock, so for me to share some
special, never forget moments.

The way the whole Jaap Kingma Racing Team worked together the last week was fantastic. We had fun with each other and the swedish/dutch connection was perfect.

The moment I was standing pitlane taking pictures Fredrik....there was shouting from the main grandstand...swedish fans where waving there flag and yelling to Fredrik. Don't know the names off course, but when you read this...be sure it was for Fredrik/us a big support, motivation!.

Walking around the circuit some swedish fans regonized the Jaap Kingma team clothing and came to
me and we had a nice chat (sorry...I forget the swedish words I has to say to Fredrik..but the message brought to him in english).

Friday evening some marshalls where walking around the paddock. They got signatures Rossi, Stoner on there track shirt. They don't regonized Fredrik immediately (must have been the cap) but Fredrik rememberd the faces..."I crashed at your corner"...

Thank you Linda,Fredrik,Magnus,Family Fredriksson,Hans & Hans, Bennie, Jan, Anne, Gert, Coos, Mark, Gerard, SPONSORS and all the people visiting us, it has been a memorable week!.

I know that he don't wants to be named seperate but....a very big hugh, thank you goes to Jaap Kingma.
I'm so gratefull that you made this all possible!

To remind Fredriks words just before leaving Assen circuit: BEDANKT !!

Report from Assen Friday | Linda 2008-06-27 (17:04) http://This one
Hi everybody.

The report from Friday you can find att www.jaapkingmaracing.nl. Both in Swedish and Dutch language. Have a great evening and we get back to you tomorrow.


GO Watz | Berra 2008-06-27 (08:38) http://www.sdskies.com berra@berra-racing.se
På Stekkenwahl Tribune läktaren sitter en skara svenska supporters! Ska enligt rykten ha en stor svensk banderoll med sig.
Håller tummarna, kör hårt!

Heja! | Sauli 2008-06-27 (01:20) http://www.sauli.nu sauli@sauli.nu

Önskar er lycka till på äventyret i Holland. Nu när du äntligen får sitta på en Aprilia som går fort som "faan". (med rätt man) Håller på dig!!!!

TT | Jaap 2008-06-26 (22:16) jaap@jaapkingma.nl
For video of the crash of Fredrik Watz, click "here" at www.jaapkingmaracing.nl

Wednesday at Assen | Lin 2008-06-26 (17:32) http://This one
Hi everybody

As we dont have the right program here for update as our news site, we put some words out here instead. Today was the first day on the bike, and the free practice Fredrik spent by learning the bike and all that. It did go quite well for being the first time on the bike and everything looked good. Freddie had some changes he wanted to do before the first qualification but otherwise it was a perfect first session.
On the qualification he did nit get many laps before the front tire disappered for him and he crashed, but he is ok and the bike is being repaired right at this moment, so tomorrow we all will be good to go again. Hopefully it stays dry also tomorrow but they are talking about rain, but we will see, it is the same for everybody.

Otherwise we are very happy to be back here at Assen again and we all are having a great time. Jaap Kingma, Hans Smees, Hans, Bennie, Henk-Jan, Jan and all the others are really great people and we thank everybody for all their help and support - we are very happy tp this together with you all.

Hopefully we can give you some reports also tomorrow, but please also visit www.jaapkingmaracing.nl for pictures and reports from Jaap.

Have a great evening and check in tomorrow.

Fredrik and Linda

Assen! | Gustav 2008-06-25 (22:24)
Stort lycka till på Assen nu i helgen och hopaps du kan njuta av att köra i GP! Själv ska jag njuta av att snurra runt lite på Sviestad, inte riktigt samma sak men stort för mig. :-)

Återigen, kör som ett SVIN!

Assen | Jaap Kingma 2008-06-25 (22:01) http://www.jaapkingmaracing.nl jaap@jaapkingma.nl
We had a wunderfull day in Assen today. It feels like being in heaven. Look for pictures www.jaapkingmaracing.nl

Go go go!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Torkel 2008-06-25 (00:23) http://www.tracktimer.com
Great reports Henk-Jan, keep up the good work!
Å kör steinhårt nu Fredde! Hela Sviestad håller tummarna på lördag!

TT Assen Tuesday | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-25 (00:01) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

After a refreshing shower its time to get you informed about Tuesday TT Assen.

Early this morning Jaap Kingma called, and told me that Coos Bezemer was not able to bring the truck from Twello to Assen due to illness...well first best whishes to Coos and after that not thinking about problems...solutions sounds better!.

After Jaap's call I phoned my father in law awake....he is due to his age retired from work, but still
got a big network. He told me after some minutes that a friend of him (also retired) would be pleased to help us.
Not only for the rules above....I'm so lucky with my father in law (don't forget mother's !!!).

Former international truckdriver Gerard lives in Delfzijl...distance Delfzijl - Twello 200kilometers, so
at 9:40hour I started the car to go to Delfzijl and meet Gerard.

Sorry....almost forgotten Linda/Fredrik...they slept many hours after a long monday.
When I was leaving I told them where to put the house key (otherwise my son is not able to get in after school) and that they must eat good and enjoy shower is not bad...."It sounds like my mother is talking"...we see each other again at the circuit in the afternoon.

It was a nice social talking ride with Gerard to Twello, but my car don't got airco, outside the temperature was rising, so it looks like it was raining inside the car (haha)...no problem...better than outside rain!.

We arrived about one clock in Twello and Mark Bezemer (dutch 250cc ONK leader at the moment) opened the door to welcome us. We got a coffee and also shake hands with Mark's sick dad Coos.
At 13:30hour it was time to give Coos our best whishes for early recovery, and Gerard/Mark step into the truck to bring it to Assen. I was riding behind the truck in my "very hot summer car"....just put some summer music in the player and it looks like I was sitting in Mallorca....

So good that Mark was coming with us...he knows exactly the way the tent must be builded, but for all he is a really nice guy.

Riding behind the racing team truck was very special...many other cars where passing us...but I don't matter...we where going to Assen!!. A took some filming pictures, not so easy to do..and when I say a policecar it was a little bit stressfull to get the camera in time away....

We arrived at the circuit at 15:30hour and Fredrik was waiting on the gate. Fredrik/Linda/Jan arrived to the circuit earlier the afternoon and parked already the caravan at the paddock.
So fine...Jaap Kingma was not coming today, but Fredrik/Linda organised everything perfect at the circuit....so you see...its good when the boss is not always around (just kiding Jaap !!, you know what I mean!).

Fredrik brought us in....he was talking to Gerard where to put the truck...but Gerard don't understand English...so we made another "lap"....after some translation we where heading to our paddock area.

A Italian truckdriver has to put his car away (Jaap Kingma Racing is coming!) and then we parked at our staying places for the coming days.

Mark was in charge building the tent...almost finished when IRTA was coming: "Please switch the standing place tent and caravan...we don't want to have the caravan on a TV shot".."..have to say more?...well I asked Fredrik why there where some lines on the stones...thats the maximum place length our truck/tent....

We builded a perfect place and the red carpet was ready for enterance Aprilia 250cc bike.
I don't wait for the bike arriving, due to the fact that I has to bring Gerad back to Delfzijl.

We where walking through the MotoGp paddock and our surprise was getting bigger and bigger.
Not only competition on the track, but also at the paddock...wow what a staying places...racing is no longer only going fast on two wheels ( I knew that already for a while...but its now visual).

Enough for today....tomorrow I pick some clothing together and stay at the circuit till Saturday evening/Sunday morning.

Unfortunately its difficult to get Internet connection...so I don't know if its possible to get you all informed about watz going on, but as I told before...don't think about problems...only solutions counts!.

"see you later"

TT Assen Monday | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-23 (23:42) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Monday morning at 7:30hour I got a nice SMS wake up call from Linda/Fredrik. They arrived after a long journey at Holland and where heading to Oude Pekela.

We had some talking and at 11:15hour we got into the car to go to Staphorst. Fredrik/Linda met Jaap Kingma/Anne Postma at Staphorst. After a cup off coffee, and put on the new team clothing
(very nice) we where going to Lookwell Bikefashion in Eindhoven.

Lookwell was very pleased to give Jaap KIngma/Fredrik Watz a complete new special TT race leathersuit and gloves. Well you can imagine that we where very gratefull and many, many thanks to Lookwell !!.

We where leaving Eindhoven at 17:00hour and stopped at Apeldoorn due to dinner time. It was not only good eating (thanks Jaap/Anne), but also time for talking and know each other better.

At 20:00hour we where driving from Zwolle to Assen...it was a "cool trip" , many MotoGP trucks where on the road...so no borring ride.
We took a look at the circuit, and people from Assen give all to coming trucks a great welcome!.

When we just where ready to leave, some french people from the paddock asked us if we where able
to bring theme to the centre city Assen. Ok...not a problem at all, we took a "tourist" road and it was good to see that already many people are at Assen to have a special/nice week.

When we say goodbye to our guests, Fredrik told me that we got Alexis Masbou (125cc) on the car.

At a parking place we said hello to Jan and his son (from tommorrow Fredrik/Linda are using Jan's caravan for a sleeping place during the event) and finally we arrived at Oude Pekela at 21:30hour.

Enough car riding for today Fredrik/Linda told me...not so strange when got almost 1.600kilometres
sitting in a car the last 24hours.

We had some coffee....at 22:30hour Fredrik/Linda prefered to go sleeping...they where very tired...

On Tuesday we are going to build our "Jaap Kingma Racing Team" place on the paddock....more news Tuesday evening!

TT Assen 250cc | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-22 (21:23) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

After a long sunday evening/night ride, I would be pleased to say "Welcome in Holland" to the Watz members (don't know how many are joining) on early monday morning.

From the borderline Germany/Holland we are going to my hometown Oude Pekela (20minutes).
There are many possibilities: fresh coffee, breakfast, shower, sleeping...don't know what "Watz racing" prefers....

At 11:20hour we are riding to Staphorst (little village 35minutes south off Assen) to meet Jaap Kingma. We are looking forward to meet Jaap....don't forget Jaap make all this possible!.
Together we go to the Lookwell bikefashion factory in Eindhoven.

Lookwell is proud to give Jaap Kingma a new special made TT leathersuit!. Special moment when Fredrik is fitting this leathersuit...many, many thanks to Lookwell!!

After visiting Lookwell we are going back to Staphorst/Oude Pekela...to enjoy good meal, drink,
shower, social talk and sleeping place.

Monday evening I will write update info!

ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-15 (20:30) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Weather forecast today Assen circuit was wrong again (thanks!).

After the warmup sessions it was raining for a short time, but the races where all on a dry track, with
"windy sun".

The 250cc race was very nice to watch.

Mike Velthuizen and Ronald Beitler made a little gap to Erwin Posthmus, Lars Kristiansen, Frank Bakker and Mark Bezemer.

Beitler crashed when he was leading and 1 lap later Mike Velthuizen (leading 5 sec.) has to stop
due to mechanical problems. The four behind where now racing for the first place!

At the last lap (some corners for the end) Lars Kristiansen was able to get in front, and he crossed the
finishline as number 1 !!. The other three where on the same "picture" as Lars...great race.

Lars was very happy with his win...he deserved it...victory after hard work!! (nice journey home).

Joakim Stensmo finished fifth (after the first lap third!), just before Ferry Stoffer.
Ferry was disappointed, he got to start pitlane due to low battery starting warmup lap.


1. Lars Kristiansen
2. Mark Bezemer + 0.2
3. Frank Bakker + 0.4
4. Erwin Postmus + 0.6
5. Joakim Stensmo + 17.7
6. Ferry Stoffer + 18.8
7. Martin Johannessen + 40.5
8. Anders Blacha + 64.4
9. Jarno Vos + 64.6
10.Martijn Hoogeboom + 94.9
11.Magnus Sjögren + 104.3
12.Pascal Bras + 108.9
13.Eric Bruls + 1 lap

Fastest laps: Beitler 1.47,9 Velthuizen 1.47,9 Kristiansen 1.48,5 Postmus 1.48,6

EC Reijka 250cc | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-15 (20:04) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Race result 250cc Reijka

1. Alvaro Molina
2. Giacomo Lucchetti + 0.8
3. Toni Wirsing + 3.9
4. Omar Menghi + 4.2
5. Thomas Walther + 30.7
6. Alen Gyorfi + 30.7
7. Toby Markham + 30.9
8. Josef Engerisser + 36.2
9. Oli Kohlinger + 40.6
10. Roger Heierli + 61.4
11. Sam Deaken + 1 lap

EC Reijka 250cc | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-14 (21:42) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Practice result 250cc Reijka EC

1. Alvaro Molina 1.33,0
2. Omar Menghi 1.33,5
3. Thomas Walther 1.33,9
4. Giacomo Lucchetti 1.34,1
5. Alen Gyorfi 1.34,1
6. Toby Markham 1.34,2

14 competetors...Michal Filla starting from 9th place Supersport 600cc (25 competetors)

ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-14 (21:34) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Weather forecast was not so good for today...65% rain, 35% sun.
Well...it was dry whole day, 17 degrees, and "windy sunny".

Nice to see the swedish riders again!

Practice result 250cc
1. Ronald Beitler 1.48,0
2. Mike Velthuizen 1.48,1
3. Erwin Postmus 1.48,3
4. Martin Johannessen 1.49,6
5. Ferry Stoffer 1.50,0
6. Mark Bezemer 1.50,0
7. Frank Bakker 1.50,0
8. Lars Kristiansen 1.50,1
9. Joakim Stensmo 1.51,3
10.Jarno Vos 1.53,0

17 competetors

ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-11 (22:23) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Almost forgotten...this weekend next round ONK races at Assen.

There will be 18 competetors 250cc...also Swedish?
Weather forecast don't look good (I know...it can't be sunny always)

Saturday 17 degrees (35% sun/65% rain)
Sunday 18 degrees (35% sun/65% rain)

Time schedule 250cc
Saturday practice sessions at 10:50hour and 14:50hour
Sunday warmup at 11:20hour and race started at 14:20hour (12 laps)

TT Assen 250cc | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-11 (21:55) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Today Jaap, Anne and I visited the press conference Dutch TT 2008.

To get at the circuit was a little bit difficult, the original way is closed due to
road work. Good job organisation TT circuit, in the future 4 strokes instead off two.

Future??...yes...not this TT..delay due to judgement from some "green nature lovers".
Well, riding the "old circuit roadway" brought back good memories...

At 11:00hour the press conference started, some notes?

* nr.64 entry list 250cc: Fredrik Watz Aprilia Jaap Kingma Racing (most important news!)
* This year 60 (!!) Dutch TT racing Worldchampionschip points
* Internet hits website TT organisation month June: 16 million
* Economical area spin off Dutch TT: 110 million euro and 2500 workplaces

There was also some words about the "music/noise" problems TT circuit...but
forget the problems for a moment...this TT is beautiful already with Fredrik coming to Assen.

After the talking it was time for photo shooting at the grid (nice girls...sorry bikes..hahaha).
All this work makes hungry and we enjoyed a perfect dinner at the restaurant.

We had some nice talking about the coming TT...just two weeks from now...


Pictures?...take a look at www.jaapkingmaracing.nl

Assen. | Gustav 2008-06-09 (12:25)
Kul att det blir GP nu! Hoppas det går bra.

ps. pengarna är på väg. ds

gp assen | lillen 2008-06-06 (23:33)
hej!! riktigt skoj att du ska köra gp nu igen :)
lycka till mvh lillen