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ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-04-19 (22:17) http://Oude pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

It was a very windy day at the Assen circuit today.
Temperatures just 11 degrees...much wind...feels cold.
But not complaining, no rain and the sun was trying to
brake through the clouds, at eastern we got snow so
this is much better (hahaha).

Practice result 250cc:
1. Ronald Beitler 1.47,3
2. Erwin Postmus 1.51,6
3. Frank Bakker 1.51,7
4. Ferry Stoffer 1.53,1 (only riding practice 1, mechanical problems)
5. Daniel Persson 1.53,8 (see explanation Ferry)
6. Mark Bezemer 1.54,5
7. Martin Johannessen 1.54,5
8. Lars Kristiansen 1.54,5
9. Anders Blacha 1.55,1
10.Joakim Stensmo 1.55,5
13.Robin Rocket 1.57,9
16.Anders Larsson 2.00,0
20.Hasse Gustafson 2.02,1

24 competetors

Tomorrow less wind and a little bit more sun would be nice....

Alabama | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-04-18 (23:00) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
"European" TimeTable Alabama Supersport 600cc:

Saturday: 16:00 - 16:25 Free Practice
21:00 - 21:30 Qualifying Group A
21:40 - 22:10 Qualifying group B
Sunday: 17:20 - 17:50 WarmUp
21:00 Race 17 laps

Saturday evening practice news ONK Assen

luck | JAN 2008-04-16 (23:28) wiche084@planet.nl
GOOD LUCK !!!!!! in the States and enjoy your time over there.
takskemuke ?? best regards jan.

Weather forecast | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-04-16 (14:34) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Weather forecast Birmingham/Alabama:
Friday 24 degrees, Saturday 22 degrees, Sunday 26 degrees: Sunshine allday (not bad!)

Weather forecast Assen:
Friday 9 degrees/30% rain threat, Saturday 12 degrees/35% rain threat, Sunday 15 degrees, 35% rain threat.

EC Cartagena | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-04-13 (21:31) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Result 250cc EC Cartagena
1. Giacomo Lucchetti (ita)
2. Omar Menghi (ita)
3. Alvaro Molina (esp)
4. Thomas Walther (ger)
5. Marco Petrini (ita)

Toni Wirsing crashed, don't know what happened with Toby Markham (could
only find result first 5).

Thanks for the update Linda!


EC Cartagena | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-04-12 (20:11) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Practice result EC Cartagena 250cc
1. Molina 1.36,4
2. Wirsing 1.36,7
3. Markham 1.39,0
4. Lucchetti 1.39,0
5. Petrini 1.39,1

Nice to see at the entry list that many swedish riders are coming
to Assen next week. You can watch the (update) entry list www.smaracing.nl
Weather forecast saturday/sunday 19,20 april...dry,little sun, 16 degrees.
More weather info wednesday 16 april.

Spoken about the weather....Birmingham/Alabama looks very good!
Many sun and temperature 24,25 degrees at the end off next week.

Lets hope that Fredrik got a nice/safe travel to America...looking
forward to follow Fredrik racing AMA Supersport!

Little question to Linda; Is it possible to translate the swedish news into
English? (some little words are enough)...reading/translation with a
swedish diary on my side take so long (hahaha).


Danke! | Torkel 2008-04-12 (13:48) http://www.tracktimer.com
He he, tur ni har mig som jagar på så det blir lite uppdateringar på sidan! ;)

Ordning och reda? | Torkel 2008-04-12 (11:13) http://www.tracktimer.com
Skit i ordningen och redan, nu vill jag ha rapport!
- Missade Fredde planet eller inte?
- Har han jobbat 24h/dygnet med att bygga om hojen?
- Går sagda hoj illsnabt?
- Funkar bilen Mulan fixade och vad hände på vägen till Barber?

To start with... :)

2h här med! | Cecilia 2008-04-09 (08:35) miss_motor123@hotmail.com

Jag sitter också 2h från Fontana Speedway. Hör av dig Berra om du vill ha sällskap. =) Annars kommer jag nog o kikar ändå tror jag nog. Vore ballt.

Ses där Wats!!

Cali | Berra 2008-04-03 (10:01) http://www.sdskies.com
Hej där Watzare!
När är racet på California Speedway? Jag har bara 2h dit, kommer förbi o kikar!
Svar: Hej Berra

Kul att höra från dig. Racet på California Speedway går helgen den 25-27 april. Första träningen är på fredag 24 april klockan 09.40 och racet på söndagen startar 3.00pm


Eastern races Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-03-20 (11:52) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
The Eastern Races Assen are CANCELLED.

The weather forecast is very bad...snow and temperatures about
4 degrees (at night -3).

So everybody can do their best with snow searching eggs....

Have a nice easter!

| John Rock 2007-12-30 (14:00) http://www.juhakallio.com
hyvää joulua ja onnelista uutta vuotta watzin perheelle
T:Juha Kallio

God Jul | Sturla, Guro og Øistein 2007-12-19 (19:42) http://www.sturla-racing.com
Hei familien Watz
Vi ønsker dere en God Jul og et flott Nytt År! Vi pakker nå for å dra ned til Grønnbilen vår i Cartagena. Vi håper på noen dager med godt vær sånn at Sturla og de andre kan få trent mye. Vi snakkes i 2008!

Racekalender 2008 | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-12-02 (13:29) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Racekalender 2008

UEM Road Racing Cup (125cc,250cc,Supersport 600cc,Superstock 600 and 1000cc)

13.04 Cartagena (E)
25.05 Pano.ring (H)..no 250cc..
15.06 Rijeka (CR)
06.07 Most (CZ)
27.07 Karlskoga (S)
24.08 Schleiz (G)
21.09 Poznan (PL)
12.10 Albacete (E) Finalraces..no 250cc..

ONK Dutch 2008

24.03 Assen
04.05 Eemshaven
12.05 Oss
25.05 Hengelo
01.06 Assen
15.06 Assen
03.08 Assen (no 250cc)
17.08 Franchorchamps
21.09 Assen

As we all know...changes are possible...

EC Cartagena | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-10-21 (22:50) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Race results EC Cartagena:

1. Toby Markham
2. Joshua Sommer + 4.3
3. Hans Smees + 17.0
4. Thomas Walther
5. Omar Menghi
6. Jan Roelofs
7. Oliver Kohlinger
8. Marco Petrini
9. Alvaro Molina
10.Lee Dickinson
11.Henrik Voit
12.Luke Lawrence
13.Roger Heierli

Track conditions very tricky...no rain anymore but a slippery track.

EC 2007 standing
1. Molina 82
2. Petrini 81
3. Smees 77
10.WATZ 25

1. Luke Mossey
2. Daniel Saez
3. Julian Miralles
9. Sturla Fagerhaug


EC Cartagena | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-10-20 (21:42) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Starting grid 250cc EC Cartagena:
1. Alvaro Molina
2. Marco Petrini + 0.7
3. Hans Smees + 1.3
4. Joshua Sommer + 1.9


Frohburg/Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-10-01 (22:14) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

On www.jaapkingmaracing.nl you can find movie 250cc ONK Assen. Just click on date 30-09 the
blue letters hier. Fredrik first corner third!.

Result 250cc Frohburg (Germany):
1. Hans Smees
2. Michael Dunlop + 15sec
3. Thomas Walther + 19sec
4. Jan Roelofs + 21sec
5. William Dunlop + 43sec
9. Joakim Stensmo + 60sec
16.Anders Larsson + 1lap
26 competetors

| JAN 2007-09-27 (23:44) wiche084@planet.nl
Freddie ,

Promissed you two girls , you got FOUR 4 !!!!!
Come back next season and I will give you even more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aprillia chip whit the mark a63 ??? might be the original chip, pretty sure about it.
Many thanks to all off you and see you around next season , also Patrik , he owes me a sigar and a beer or more beer and whiskey .

Race of the Champions | Willy Pomper 2007-09-25 (21:47)
Dear Linda, Freddy and Patrik.

I want to thank you for the nice weekend we had in Assen.
I have enjoyed working with you Freddie, I have learned a lot about how to set up the chassis of a bike, and I know now how a good rider works.
Hope to see you next year in the 250 cc European cup class.
We keep in touch.

Best regards


ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-09-23 (22:33) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

At this moment Patrik,Fredrik,Linda and Rufes are travelling home.
Lets hope it will be a safe and not so long time journey!.

Leaving home this morning the sun was already shining and many
motorbikes where passing me on the road to Assen.

The Watz crew enjoyed saturday evening...warmup started late...
Willy/Jan prepared the bike almost perfect (its never perfect) so
no rush and stress.

During the warmup Willy was upset...."Whats happening???,Fredrik
is not on the result list"..."Patrik is third!".
When Patrik came into the pitbox he got congratulations from everybody!
Well now we can tell Willy the truth...there was a transponder switch...

So Fredrik third and the same laptime comparing practice. "The bike is
ok" Fredrik said.....I know dreams don't come true..but maybe,maybe
Fredrik is able for a very good result.

Waiting for the race was no problem,a lot of sun and walking around the
paddock is never borring.
Around 15:00hour it was time to go to the parc fermé..when I came there
I say that Patrik got two beautiful pitgirls around him...sometimes I want
to be a racer to.....

At the grid the ladies (thanks Jan!) where standing beside Fredrik...thumbs up
for a good race!.

The start was very good and at the first straight end Fredrik was fourth behind
Roelofs,Gevers and Smees. The gap was a little bit to big to get the slipstream
of the fast Aprilia's.
After five laps Beitler and Markham where passing Fredrik and Fredrik was not able
to follow.....problems with the bike?
Halfway the race was not very exciting anymore...Hans Smees first with a gap off 8seconds
Gevers..third Roelofs + 10, fourth Beitler + 15, fifth Markham + 16, sixth Fredrik + 20 and
seventh Velthuizen + 22.
At the last corner Mike Velthuizen was able to pass Fredrik....so 7 at the end......

Whats happened with the bike?.....nothing said Fredrik..after 4 laps my wrist was hurting
and the underarms muscles where "pumped". The pumping gets more and more..so
the feeling was gone..braking was very difficult...

Ok....these things happened..you don't always get what you want..
Frustrating?....well racing is 90% frustration and 10% succes....

No blaming on Fredrik..he did a perfect job for the team this weekend a we all enjoyed
his way off racing.

Patrik's race?.....after 5 laps he retired..maybe to much pressure after the warmup result?

At 17:30hour it was time to say goodbye....Fredrik,Linda and Patrik thank you so much
for the weekend!


Nicklas Cajback was during the Supersport 600cc fourth..two laps before the end he was out.