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Assen. | Gustav 2008-06-09 (12:25)
Kul att det blir GP nu! Hoppas det går bra.

ps. pengarna är på väg. ds

gp assen | lillen 2008-06-06 (23:33)
hej!! riktigt skoj att du ska köra gp nu igen :)
lycka till mvh lillen

TT Assen 250cc | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-06 (09:18) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

So nice to see whats going on at Holland to get all things fixed Fredrik racing TT Assen.

3 people (also Hans Smees) are giving the Aprilia lovely threatment...we all know that the
Aprilia is not able speaking...but you can see that she/he (what you prefer..hahaha) wants to
get out on the track with Fredrik for having big fun!!.

Jaap and Anne are busy speaking with partners to get a good financial solution for taking part Grand Prix Assen. There are already many partners involving.....they know that Fredrik/Jaap Kingma Racing get a lot of exposure due to the fact that Fredrik is the only wildcard competetor 250cc.




Next week on wednesday there is a press conference at the Assen circuit. Jaap, Anne and
I will be there big smiling and you never know whats happening.....

Sofar now..wish you all a great sunny weekend!!

TT Assen | Rikard 2008-06-06 (00:38) http://www.gull-racing.com rikard.l.andersson
Lysande med wildcard på Assen. Ska bli riktigt roligt att få se både dig och Robban i VM. (dig igen). Hoppas Jaap Kingma hojen har tillräckligt med mos så du kan visa din kapacitet.

// Rikard Gull-racing

TT Assen 250cc | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-06-04 (11:09) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

At this moment in Holland there are working many people to get everything done Fredrik racing Dutch TT Assen on Aprilia Jaap Kingma Racing Team end of June.

Wildcard is confirmed so no longer waiting to get things fixed.

Bike preparation, sponsors searching, hospetality borrow, sleeping place...and many more.

Be sure that Fredrik/Linda got perfect threatment, Jaap Kingma is a very good organised team...racing professional but for all.......HAVE FUN, ENJOY THE PARTY!!

Its gonna be busy days for Fredrik, due to the fact that he is the only wildcard competetor Assen 250cc...so many dutch media attention..remember the dutch TT is the bigest sport event in Holland.
(I don't think Fredrik is to impressed, he is not a stressfull guy...enjoy,fun..)

There will be news from Linda, but also its nice watching www.jaapkingmaracing.nl


Kameler | Per-Johan Skoog 2008-05-30 (10:58) perjohanskoog@gmail.com
Fredrik! om du tar en dubbel på SM:et skall jag köpa en kamel och ta hem härifrån.

hälsningar Skoog på ett oljefält in the middle of nowere (Aktau/Kazakstan)

ONK Hengelo | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-05-25 (23:25) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Hengelo was perfect this year!.

Saturday beautiful weather (much sun, 23 degrees),nice
practice watching...enjoying "sliding" superbike/supersport.

Nice summer evening weather, live music at the paddock
party tent...this are the days where I think off on a cold rainy
November (January,February,march) afternoon,evening.

Sunday was cloudy (19 degrees) but it stay dry whole day.
The beer was flowing early for many spectators and the races
where very nice to watch....no time for borring...two speakers
got there own competition "who is the most enthousiastic"...

250cc was a three men battle (Beitler, Bakker and Ferry)...at
lap 5 Ferry had a little crash..so there where only two left for the
number one place. Frank Bakker tried at the last corner,
but Ronald Beitler left no passing space.

1. Ronald Beitler
2. Frank Bakker + 0,1
3. Mark Bezemer + 13,0
4. Frank vd Dragt + 36,2
5. Ferry Stoffer + 55,6
8. Hasse Gustafson + 98,2

Just 8 riders past the finish line.


ONK Hengelo | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-05-20 (22:14) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

This weekend 24,25 May the next round ONK in Hengelo. The weather forecast is not only perfect for racing....but also for watching/walking around the circuit.

Friday 22 degrees, rain threat 5%
Saturday 23 degrees, rain threat 10%
Sunday 22 degrees, rain threat 20%

13 competetors 250cc are standing on the entry list publicated 16 May.
Nice to see that there are also swedish riders coming to Hengelo.

Time schedule 250cc:
Saturday free practice at 9:10hour (20 minutes)
Saturday qualifying at 11:45hour and 15:30hour (30 minutes each)
Sunday warmup at 9:00hour (15 minutes)
Sunday race at 12:00hour (12 laps)

Website organisation: www.hamove.nl

Maybe its not possible for me to put some words at the guestbook this
weekend due to the fact that I am staying at the circuit whitout laptop/computer.

Well first thursday searching for all the "camping stuff" and practice tent building.
(blood, sweat and tears...hahaha)


ONK Oss | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-05-12 (21:58) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Ferry has won the 250cc race in Oss!. The race was two parts due to crash 125cc rider, the
second part Ferry ride perfect and at the finish line he got a 10sec. gap with Ronald Beitler.

Frank Bakker was third (12 sec.) and Mark Bezemer fourth (16sec.). Just 4 riders started the race.....

Joan Veijer got a big crash Supersport 600 race, he has a broken skenben and vadben.

ONK Oss | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-05-11 (21:32) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Beautiful weather practice day Oss...much sun and 26 degrees!.

Most important is that Ferry is able to race again...he will be starting at
3 place tomorrow!. Just 6 competetors 250cc...so they are racing together with
the 125cc.

1. Frank Bakker 1.40,9
2. Ronald Beitler 1.41,1
3. Ferry Stoffer 1.41,2
4. Mark Bezemer 1.41,6

Weather forecast...much sun 25 degrees!

Update Ferry Stoffer | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-05-02 (18:59) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

This afternoon Ferry left the hospital ("they let me escape") and is back home.

Ferry still got blood "visiting toilet", the doctors made him clear that the bruised kidney
needs attention...racing was not a good solution for healing (hahaha).

Recovery is now most important, looking back don't make changing the facts.

Ferry is not very upset..."thats life/racing", get focus to the next event!

ONK Eemshaven Thursday | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-05-01 (20:15) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Arriving this morning at the circuit the sun was shining and the sky was blue..so no rain today?.

To see the team members Racing Team Noord Nederland (I write RTNN, otherwise the mail got too long) again was very nice. The coffee was good and they builded a perfect place to stay the coming days.

Ferry should be starting at 9:00hour first practice, but 15minutes befor he was busy with eating eggs and breakfast (thanks Jan!)...well good news...first practice starts due to delay at 9:30hour.

Near to the see means always wind, this year they are building a lot at the harbour....the track got much sand and dust..so take care...

Take care was the message for Ferry when practice starts, not only due to track circuimstances, also
the Honda got new parts and don't forget...Ferry got not much experience 250cc...

Well....after the first lap Ferry crashed really bad.

Dust, cold tyres and at a fast corner Ferry was smashed away. Back at the paddock he visit the medical centre....and they diceded that Ferry has to go to the hospital.

No broken things (thanks!) and speaking to him was no problem ("I'm so angry to myself...sorry for the RTNN guys...the bike is really good...the gearing is great...what time I got at the first lap?, enough for qualifying you think?"), but a look at the helmeth was enough.....and he was complaining about "blood mouth taste".

Most important is not racing Ferry (no?), but your healthy...so lets wait what they say after "check/
double check" hospital.

Standing with his race clothing and waiting for a ambulance is not the way I like racing....

Result hospital?...Ferry got a bruised kidney..and stays this night for observation.
Ferry wants to race saturday and sunday....

Result 250cc race today (dry,windy,16 degrees)

1. Ronald Beitler
2. Frank Bakker + 7sec.
3. Mark Bezemer + 36sec.
4. Jarno Vos + 45sec.
5. Martijn Hoogenboom + 1 lap

No more competetors.............

Saturday more info from Eemshaven!

ONK Eemshaven | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-04-30 (21:35) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

The coming days there are ONK races at the most north circuit off Holland "Eemshaven".
The harbour means not only near to the see, but also always much wind...well with a little
sun it means at the end off the day.."red coloured" face.

Not so many riders are going to Eemshaven...due to the fact that its racing on a "street circuit".
Racing Team Noord Nederland (the team Fredrik was riding for at Assen 2007) arrived on Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday the 250cc got there practice at 9:00hour (early wakeup call..for me leaving home soon) and 11:30hour.
Race Time ONK 16 laps: 14:15hour.

Weather forecast: Thursday 15 degrees, 60% rain threat. Saturday 20 degrees, 10% rain threat.
Sunday 22 degrees, 25% rain threat.

More news tomorrow evening!

Kul | Mange Gotland 2008-04-28 (23:11)
Hej Fredrik KUL att du ännu håller på att tampas på banorna (och nu med en Diesel i USA) ett hett tips freån mig. KASTA FJÄDRINGEN......

Hälsa farsan & syrran


Mera mera.... | Ola 2008-04-28 (17:25)
KUUUUL läsning, även om det visade sig vara skit med fjädringen.
Vill bara läsa mer o mer så kör så det ryker.


// Ola

AMA | Martin Swenson 2008-04-26 (22:25) swensonmartin@hotmail.com
Lycka till på kvalet!

Kör som ett svin då! | Gustav 2008-04-26 (19:08)
Trygg och säker på mitt kontor, långt från alla racerbanor i världen är det ett nöje att följa lite live timing. För att följa ett uttjatat spår.


Nöff | Torkel 2008-04-25 (20:34) http://www.tracktimer.com
Kör som ett svin = gasa som en galt? :)
Häri Anderstorp är det också sol och i morgon ska det köras med Seel för första gången!

Greetings from London | Wenkan 2008-04-24 (21:42) djwenkan@msn.com
Tjosan =)

Hörde från pappa att ni skulle till USA och raceá. Mycket roligt och fränt =). Jag önskar er alla lycka till med allt! Hälsa alla från mig! Flyttar hem till SWE på ons, så när väl fredde hittar tillbaka till LKPG igen kan han garanterat förvänta sig en sprillans ny cd fullproppad med bra musik från mig!


Wenkan :)

Fart hittar man med hot! | björn.e 2008-04-24 (15:52)
Om han inte kommer topp 10 på kvalet så hota med att han måste skruva på julgranskawan resten av sitt vuxna liv! Då borde han få en jäkla fart :)