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ONK Hengelo | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-05-02 (23:07) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

At Holland its summer time!. Many sun and temperatures about 24 degrees the last 10 days.
No complaining about the weather...the forecast for the coming race weekend Hengelo
looks good. No rain and 21 degrees.
A very nice impression Hengelo circuit you can see on:


Bilder | Berra 2007-04-18 (21:45)
Fina bilder från USA !

ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-04-11 (10:08) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Racepictures ONK Assen -> www.motografie.nl -> galerij -> assen paasraces 2007

Movie ONK Assen 250cc,125cc and Dutch superbike (12 minutes) -> www.jaapkingmaracing.nl
-> date 10-04 -> hier


ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-04-09 (21:58) http://Oude pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

A good feeling this morning when I was waiting buying tickets ONK races Assen.
Many bikes were passing...that sound...so nice...winter is over,time for a new season

The weather was dry...but cloudy,windy and little bit cold (13 degrees).

First race Supersport 600cc:
Arie Vos and Ghisbert van Ghinhoven (on a Ducati!) were very fast and
together they took a 3 seconds gap Veijer,Pajic,Cajback.
After 4 laps red flag due to a crash that recommanded medical attention.
Restart was given..first time Strubben corner means crash Arie Vos and
Ghisbert van Ginhoven was also going down.
Races with two (time) parts are not so easy to follow,race result:
1. Joan Veijer
2. Mile Pajic + 6,6 *
3. Rik Lenters + 9,1
4. Henk vd Lagemaat + 9,6
5. Nicklas Cajback + 12,8
20.Erik Jorpes + 1.30,4
Magnus Mossberg DNF

* Mile is now 51 years old...no kidding !!..Mile is racing for many,many
years now..at the '80 Mile was a very good 500cc GP racer.

Walking around the paddock I had a little chat with Norman Rank.
Norman is chief mechanic german rider Joshua Sommer.
After the first lap Joshua was leading. Practice fastest Hans Smees
was closing the gap and then "walked away".
Joshua was working hard to stay with Randy Gevers (Aprilia) and Jan
Roloefs (BenJan Honda). A very big gap behind these riders means
that the top 250cc is small...

4 laps away from victory Hans Smees entered the pitlane with
mechanical problems so Joshua Sommer was leading just before Randy
Gevers and Jan Roelofs.
No victory for Joshua (and Norman Rank)..one lap after Hans he also
entered the pitlane with bike problems.

Race result:
1. Randy Gevers
2. Jan Roelofs + 6,1
3. Erwin Postmus + 45,5
4. Henrik Voit + 50,7
5. Mike Velthuyzen + 1.06,4
14.Anders Larsson

19 competetors on the starting grid...

A lot of foreign competetors due to IDM race weekend 3 June.
The race was very nice to watch and fighting for many positions.
Philip Eitzinger and Georg Frohlich took a little gap,behind these
two guys dutch youngsters Iwema,Valk,vd Waarsenburg were
battling with german racers Hubsch,Eckner.
At the last corner Eitzinger escaped a Frohlich attack so victory
was for the Austrian. Iwema crashed the last corner and no
third place...
Race result:
1. Eitzinger
2. Frohlich + 1.5
3. Hubsch + 19.1
4. Eckner + 26.9
5. vd Waarsenburg + 28.9
6. vd Mark + 33.3
20.Bjorback + 1.26.4

Dutch Superbike
1. Withag
2. Bauer (austria) + 10.5
3. Vos + 12.7
4. Tode (ger) + 12.7
5. Ten Braake + 22.3
22. Lundh + 1.19.7

David Johnson (second at practice) mechanical problems,Jeffrey
de Vries crashed warmup Strubben (broken collarbone).
After the race protest against Arie Vos beacause Arie has not
visit medical centre after his supersport crash......


ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-04-07 (21:55) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Starting grid/practice results ONK Assen (12 degrees,sun/cloudy)

1. Hans Smees 1.44,9
2. Randy Gevers 1.47,1
3. Jan Roelofs 1.47,3
4. Joshua Sommer 1.47,4
5. Ronald Beitler 1.49,7
6. Erwin Postmus 1.50,6
20.Anders Larsson 2.01,0

1. Frohlich (ger) 1.50,7
2. Iwema 1.52,4
3. Eitzinger (austria) 1.52,5
4. Hubsch (ger) 1.52,6
5. Kartheininger (ger)1.52,6
6. Valk (13 years!) 1.53,1
10.Michael vd Mark (son former 500cc GP racer Henk vd Mark)

Supersport 600cc
1. Arie Vos 1.44,0
2. Ghisbert v.Ghinhoven 1.45,0
3. Joan Veijer 1.46,1
4. Patrick lakerveld 1.46,2
5. Mile Pajic 1.46,8
7. Nicklas Cajback 1.47,3
27.Magnus Mossberg1.55,7
28.Erik Jorpes 1.56,3

Dutch Superbike (55 competetors!!)
1. Bob Withag 1.43,1
2. David Johnson (aus) 1.43,8
3. Arie Vos 1.44,1 *
4. Gerrie Nijboer 1.44,3
5. Jeffrey de Vries 1.44,3
14.Raymond Schouten 1.46,5

* First practice time.Arie damaged second lap afternoon
session his Honda. Arie ok..the bike not...

Races are on monday..weather forecast looks good.
Have a nice eastern !!


ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-04-05 (22:00) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

This (eastern)weekend kick off ONK season 2007 at Assen.
Entry list info.

250cc -> 19 competetors.
Schouten,Appelo,Milovanovic no longer 250cc. Jan Roelofs riding BenJan team.
Swedish rider -> Anders Larsson

125cc -> 30 competetors
On the list Eitzinger,Fröhlich,Unger and more German riders (IDM 3 June at Assen).
Dutch champion Gert Jan Kok quit racing.
Swedish rider -> Alfred Björback

Supersport 600cc -> 24 competetors
Man to beat?...Arie Vos and his Ten Kate Honda.
Swedish riders -> Nicklas Cajback (BenJan team),Magnus Mossberg and Erik Jorpes

Weather forecast:

Saturday: 4hours sun,rain possibility 10%,temp. 12 degrees
Monday: 7hours sun,rain possibility 10%,temp. 16 degrees

Saturday (late) evening more news about the first practice day/times Assen.


Skipa rättvisa | Leo 2007-03-11 (19:34)
Riktigt tråkigt att höra hur en så hårt kämpande raceråkare åker på såna snytingar.
Det är inte utan att man måste imponeras av en sån hängivelse för sporten som Fredrik visar
Med någon rättvisa så måste han få sin chans och det skulle då kännas som en upprättelse
inte bara för Fredrik och hans team utan även för alla vi supportrar som önskar att det vore
förarkvaliten och det tekniska kunnandet som banade fram till framgång.

Nämen vaffaaaaaaan!!! | Torkel 2007-03-08 (07:58) http://www.tracktimer.com
Hoppas hoppas hoppas att han känner sig ok nog för att starta och göra bra ifrån sig! Många tummar som hålls just nu!

Daytona | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-03-04 (22:23) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Perfect start off the season!.
Congratulations and thanks also to Linda for
the fast web site updates.

Factory Pro Sportbike | Peter Bonivart 2007-03-04 (01:14)
Grattis till vinsten!

Daytona in english | Linda 2007-03-01 (06:42)
Hi Henk-Jan

Sorry about the late update in the english section, but now I have fixed that and I will keep it updated during these weeks in the US.

Take care and say hi to Wilma and Melvin / Linda

Daytona/flashback 2006 | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-02-28 (21:39) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Is it possible to give a (short) translation english whats going on Daytona whith Fredrik?,...many thanks !!

Boring winterdays?..many good video quality to watch on:


A lot off caracters...but you can watch 2006 races SBK,Supersport and ONK.
(MotoGp follows this year due to license paying)

Greetings !

USA | Peter Bonivart 2007-02-28 (00:09)
Lycka till över där!

Go west! | Torkel Börjeson 2007-02-27 (11:09) http://www.tracktimer.com
Yihaa! I dag bär det av, lycka till som f-n nu och se till att mata Linda med info så vi kan hålla oss uppdaterade!


EM Oschersleben | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-02-19 (23:23) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

EM race Oschersleben (2/9) cancelled due to IDM Most.
UEM is looking for a new race (speaking with Schleiz).

Greetings !

6 timmars | Tom 2007-02-16 (15:50) alternativ.tom@telia.com
Tjena! Coolt med Daytona, hörde även nått rykte om GSXR1000 och 6timmars...
Då syns vi igen.... Mvh Tom

Daytona | Berra 2007-02-08 (00:41)
Fan va fränt med Daytona 200! Hört mkt gott om den tävlingen, bankningen på kurvan vid stora läktaren ska tydligen vara helt sjuk.
Stort lycka till!

Hälsningar Berra, från ett 20 grader varmt Valencia ;)

Riders list | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-01-15 (23:09) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

On www.racesport.nl you can find the riders list WSB,WSS,FIM Superstock
2007. Milovanovic riding WSS Honda BenJan team.
When you scroll the names there are some surprises.......


Happy New Year | Henk-Jan Laning 2007-01-07 (21:50) http://Oude Pekela (Holland) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Hello racefans,

Gott Nytt Ar (I guess swedish for happy new year) everyone!

Litte race news;

Anthony West signed a contract with Matteoni Aprilia Racing.
Joey Litjens and Daniel Webb are the riders team Molenaar 125cc GP.
Joey was close to a deal Nocable Angaia team..but this team was not able
to get a GP place..the 250cc riders Angaia (Smrz,Morelli) are waiting for
"green light" 250GP.

Raymond Schouten and Lennart van Houwelingen are racing 2007 for
v/d Heijden Yamaha...the aim is getting a FIM Superstock 1000 Cup start.


Superbike ? | Nicke 2006-12-28 (22:37)
God fortsättning ! Hörde ett rykte om Superbike nästa säsong !! Det vore festligt!!
Kommentar om detta.... HaDe...