EC Karlskoga - Johnny with his new tattooHe wanted to have the same one as Freddie has...Bernt (the old fellow), Jack and JolineJoline is very interested in what Freddie do...Anna-Lena (our mechanics girlfriend)EC KarlskogaJohnny a bit tired in the morningJohnny and JolineTest day at Sviestad to see how Freddie´w body works after the crash in Karlskoga earlierEje and Fredrik readyIn the pitlane at SviestadFredrik on the way out on the trackWaiting to go outThe autumn club race at our hometrack Sviestad Sep 9thOur Suzuki 600cc bikeAdam, Sanna and SaraWaiting for the race to startFreddie
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Our Suzuki 600cc bike